WELCOME to the discussion for WEEK 8. Please respond in complete sentences for each question, unless directed to do otherwise, demonstrating in your reply that you have read the material in order to receive full credit. 

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This week’s discussion question does not REQUIRE any specific reading.  Your response must consist of some nicely-written, insightful sentences, that contribute to and not duplicate, any responses posted before it. 


During this semester, you have used four software application packages to create several projects.

  • Name each application package (For instance, MS Excel. MS Access, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word).
  • Define the main purpose of each application.
  • Provide an example of one new advanced featureof each application that you have learned this semester.



Minimum Topic Response: Word Count = 70 (per topic question). Your response to each question is required to be AT LEAST 70 WORDS long.  If your reply to each question is less than 70 words, you will lose points. You can use Microsoft Word to count the words in your response to make sure you have met the requirement. NOTE CAREFULLY: No more than two responses to any one topic will be permitted. NOTE 2: Please make sure you answer EACH item and LABEL each item (#1, #2, #3, etc) so that I can easily check that each item has been answered.NOTE 3: Please do not attach a file to the conference–enter your reply into the text area provided.NOTE 4: After you post your response, please review it to make sure it is formatted correctly and is easy to read.


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