Understanding Business Leaders

Understanding Business Leaders


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Choose one of these business leaders and click on the link to read about their role as a business leader and their leadership style:

Mark Cuban

Owner: Dallas Mavericks

Click here to read the article

Ursula Burns

Chairman and CEO of Xerox

Click here to read the article

Jay Z

Co-Founder of Carter Enterprises

Click here to read the article

Elon Musk

CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Click here to read the article

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple

Click here to read the article

What are the key success strategies and characteristics of the leader you chose?

How do you think these strategies and characteristics helped your chosen leader be successful?

In what ways could you use this information to become a more effective leader yourself?


Read a post by one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections.

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