Respond to at least two colleagues and suggest alternate ways the intern might overcome barriers.

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Colleague 1: Tiffany

Geller, and Greenberg, write about how therapist and clients should have a working relationship to  successfully help social workers connect with their clients,  in their article Challenges to Therapeutic Presence Geller and Greenbery claim “therapists must be aware of and work through the potential barriers to relational therapeutic presence. A level of intimacy with the moment is needed for therapists to go deeper through the levels of therapeutic presence, which can be scary and make one feel vulnerable”(Geller, Greenberg, 2012).

It is important to identify the internal and external barriers of social worker and client so a more trusting and strong relationship can form between social worker and client. A client needs to feel comfortable with his/her social worker so they can open up to the client more and will more in likely tell more about their troubles and life. A barrier could be dual relationships. Social worker could be sending off bad vibes by her body language, expressions she is making on her face as client is talking or telling their story. Social worker may have a different belief on a topic her client is having trouble with, social worker could be prejudice to certain aspects of the clients problems.

Some barriers between the social worker and client in the Petrakis family case was culture, ethics, religion, and values. The age differences between social worker and client. The intern needs to learn as much about her clients culture as she can. Social worker needs to find out what barriers not to cross with her client. Client needs to only suggest and make it clear she is not informing client what she needs to do but only giving a suggestion. Social worker should never use a tone other than a soft tone with her clients. Social worker needs the support of a supervisor when issues like age come up so she can address this concern of the clients better. Social workers can only suggest a plan of action for their clients they can’t tell the client what to do that is an ethical issue. Social workers have to be cautious how they approach clients in these areas because you can shut down the trust of your clients.


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