The introduction

final paper

PAPER FORMAT – 5 TO 8 full pages. Double spaced Font 12. (You have to write  a minimum of 5 pages and you can exceed 8 pages if you want to – limit it to 10 pages max)

1) ABSTRACT – make sure you have an abstract in the beginning of your paper. This would be a general summary of the paper in one paragraph. the aim would be to give the reader an overall idea of the paper (aims, research questions, methods, results)

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2)INTRODUCTION- The introduction of the paper is where you introduce the reader to the topic/theme of the paper and then direct your research aims and questions.

3)BODY OF THE PAPER – Build up your argument in the body of the paper. Most important part of the paper. Remember to related your topic to urban!

4)ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION- these can be two sections or merged into one – depending on your topic.

5)Make sure you end the paper with possible solutions and way forward.

6)I highly encourage you to divide your paper into different sections – that is helpful both for the writer and reader. Have headings for each section!

7) Always make sure there is a flow in your writing – the paper should be continuous and not abrupt!

8) In text CITATIONS – if you are quoting something from book or article or taking particular data – make sure you cite that book or journal article. I recommend APA Format for intext citations and bibliography

9) BIBLIOGRAPHY – At the end of the paper, make sure you attach your bibilography- make two sections academic references (10 academic sources required) and then non-academic (news articles and websites) Bibliography has to be there!

10) DEADLINE- you are supposed to submit the paper by 6th May Saturday midnight. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!



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