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1. Where to find definitions for abbreviations in the drawing set?

·       Cover sheet of the set of drawings

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2. On which drawing types could floor to floor heights be found?

·       Elevations

3. What is a schedule and what type of information is included in a schedule?

·       A schedule is a system used to organize all types of repetitive information in an easy-to- read format. 

·       Schedules list information pertaining to a similar group of items in a project such as doors, windows, room finishes, columns, trusses

4. Which scale is commonly used on a site plan and why?

·       The engineer’s scale is used to measure distance on site plans because dimensions in this case are greater than would be encountered in the plans of the building

5. How are the technical specifications organized and formatted?

·       They are organized following CSI MasterFormat 16, with 50 divisions. Each individual division has a general, products and execution section. 



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