talks accomplished

For this assignment, begin by reading chapters 12-15 in Dr. Bell’s text.  Then, consider and respond to the following questions.

  1.  The SALT talks accomplished little, but it was important to keep both parties talking.  Does the evidence of the 1970s and 1980s support this thesis?  Support your opinion with at least three examples.
  2. Critics of “Star Wars” argued that an effective nuclear defense shield would have increased the dangers of nuclear war. How so?
  3. During much of the 1970s, the Soviets became increasingly dependent on US grain in order to feed their people. These exports were popular with American farmers, but played a more ambiguous role in American efforts to control the Soviets.  If you had been a presidential advisor for Presidents Ford and Carter, what economic strategy would you have recommended?
  4. The Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has been described as the Soviets’ Vietnam. Discuss at least three similarities and one dissimilarity between these conflicts.


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