Interpersonal Communication – Observation Relationship Paper

Interpersonal Communication – Observation Relationship Paper

The relationship paper is an analysis and interpretation of a relationship where you are the observer. The paper should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Time New Roman, size 12 font. The paper itself should describe and analyze a relationship in which you are able to observe within a good amount of time in order to know the nuances, history, and current status of that relationship. You must use at least five terms from the book, and those terms have to be underlined.  In using those terms, you have to identify the situation where the term is being applied, what the term means, and why that term applies to that specific situation. The relationship must consist of interaction that takes place between two people. It can be a social relationship, a romantic relationship, a professional relationship, or other. In your observations you can describe the following:

  • Who are the people involved in the relationship and what are their roles?
  • Is there a sense of power or authority of one over the other?
  • Is the relationship positive or negative?
  • What is unique about this relationship?
  • What type of relationship is this?
  • Is this a healthy relationship?
  • Other aspects of the relationship that you deem important to share.

Once you describe the relationship, you will need to provide an analysis of what you observe. For
example, if the relationship is romantic, is there a sense  that one has authority over another and not equal.? What makes you say that?  What attribute or characteristics make one the authority, and how did that characteristic manifest itself? Keep in mind that I am looking for in depth answers to your analysis. Is the person assertive? Do they show empathy towards each other? Is the relationship healthy, why or why not? Explain what assertiveness is and how it impacts relationships? These are just examples of analysis questions you can answer, but you are not limited to these alone, you are welcomed to tackle other observations from the relationship.

Once the paper is typed, you should prepare a quick outline using note cards or a piece of paper to help you present your information in a recorded presentation. The presentation should be 3-4 minutes long, uploaded to YouTube and the link shared by copying it and pasting it to the top of the relationship paper.  Please be sure to practice your speech to make sure you have covered all that you have described in your paper, and also so that you do not go under or over your time, as your assignment grade will also be dependent partially on your presentation, it is worth 20 points, out of the 100 points possible. This is not a speech, rather just a presentation where you encapsulate the information you wrote in your paper.  Think of it as sharing information with a friend.  You will find various videos on YouTube or by a simple Google search on how to upload videos from your phone or computer and share the link.  When you upload your video, please save it as “UNLISTED”, if you leave it on private, I will not be able to see it. Secondly, DO NOT upload the video directly to Canvas, in most cases it will not work and I will not be able to see it.  Similarly, DO NOT provide a link to Google Docs, or similar, for your paper.  You must submit an actual document, either Word or PDF.  Keep track of when the assignment is due by making sure to review your syllabus. Should you have any questions, please email me.

If you are unsure about how to upload a video to Youtube from your PC or phone, a simple search on Youtube can assist.  Log on to and simply type “how to upload a video to youtube form your ______”.  You can fill in the blank based on what you are using. Thsse are some results that I got:  how to upload a video on youtube – YouTube (Links to an external site.)

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