Changing the food system

Week 11 Discussion

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Part 1 of discussion board:

For this final week, I would like for you to reflect back on the time you’ve spent exploring material in this class and share your thoughts with us.

Directions: Reflect back on the time you’ve spent exploring material in this class.  Share your thoughts on the following questions in paragraph form.

1.  What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned in this class?

2. What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned in this class?

3. How you do think you will use the information you’ve gathered in this class in a professional setting?

4. How do you think you will use the information you’ve gathered in this class in a personal setting?

5. What did you rate yourself on the nutrition scale at the beginning of this semester?

On a scale from 1-10: NOW How Knowledgeable Are You About Nutrition?  Explain.

(1= I know nothing, I can barely feed myself; 10= Super knowledgeable, I should teach this class!).

There are no right or wrong answers, these are simply an expression of your experiences in this class.  Just be sure to answer each question using complete sentences and in paragraph form for consideration for full points.

Part 2 of discussion board:

Read chapters 15 and 16.

Choose assignment A or B to post for this week’s discussion.  You are applying what you have learned into your own area of interest and life.  Malnutrition and food borne illness are a reality of our every day lives here in the US and around the world.  It is a subject that is often not well understood or appreciated for its complexities.  If you are entering or already work in healthcare or education, the more you know about this the better you and your organization will be in service to your communities.  Complete your response to either A or B below and post at least one response to a classmate contributing additional insight and knowledge to the discussion to receive full credit.

A.  Changing the food system.  Please click on the link below and read about “Hungry for Change” ideas about how to improve our food system in the US. The link is at PBS, but there is more information on the Food Inc. website as well. Read through the list of suggested actions. Choose one of these actions and write about why this specific action interested you, if you think it is a good idea, and how it could change our food or health systems. Please do not write more than 300-500 words. You must write a minimum of 300, but no more than 500 to earn your points. (Links to an external site.) (If the link is broken, copy and paste into a new browser. It worked when I set this up, but you never know).

This Discussion is intended to give you the opportunity to think about nutrition and food from a personal, environmental, or social perspective.

It is always interesting to me what students choose to write about. I will look forward to reading your posts and replies.


B.  Assess the neighborhood you live and/or work in and if you have access to nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle. Please post 1-2 paragraphs that include the following:

1. The neighborhood you live/work in

2. How would you classify it in terms of access to nutritious foods and why

3.What would you like to see to improve your nutrition environment?

4. How does what you see reflect concerns illustrated in your text?

To earn full points, you must write a brief–but interesting and informative paragraph. You must also reply to classmates posts by referring to something in their post.  You are expected to read and give thoughtful responses about each other’s insights and thoughts.

You must post your brief essay and responses to one another by Sunday at 11:59 pm.