specific recommendations

Rationale: This section outlines the rationale of why you selected the theme and what are the key features or context to consider when thinking about how work will develop in the future and why. Your thesis on the future of work should be clearly outlined here (Approx 200 words).


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Literature review: This section reviews the literature on key topics and makes links to the chosen theme. Include definitions of key concepts, and analyse and compare the effects and importance of the various trends based upon the readings. The literature review requires the group to address key areas in relation to the topic and theme, and divide the review of the literature according to appropriate sub headings. Each student must complete a literature review section on one sub heading from the chosen topic.

This section will discuss the key evidence from the literature, including all the prescribed readings and other readings found by each individual student plus recommended and other peer-reviewed journal readings. Each student should reference 10-15 articles in their individual literature review section.  Discussion of the literature should refer to the different types of changes to work covered in this unit and must address relevant concepts such as labour process, division of labour, informalisation and commodification (Approx 1000 words).


Scenario plan:  Working together the group is required to construct a future scenario using the scenario template. The completed scenario will be attached in the appendix.  You will need to insert in your report a summary of your future scenario identifying the evidence/trends it is based upon, framing questions and key elements around work that are relevant to your analysis to the future of work (Approx 500 words). (The template & framing questions should be in your appendix.)


Future of work: The literature review and your scenario plan are the key documents that will inform this section.This section should include a summary of the key learning/findings from the literature review, including any controversies.  It should clearly respond to the research questions about the future of work. It is recommended that you apply the same sub headings in this section that you used in your literature review.

You should identify the areas of change to work in the future and discuss related questions about the effects of these changes.  You need to link arguments from the section about the literature and should be able to draw out the key issues in the literature to assist you to argue and support your thesis on the future of work.

Draw on your analysis from the scenario plan around your chosen context, such as the organisation /industry, effects on employees, corporate strategy, new expressions of employment, trends in society that will impact on work, the way work is done, location, who will do it, how monitoring, performance appraisal and supervision may change.  In discussing the proposed trends you will also need to identify current gaps and how these may improve or change in the long term and why.

This section should be drawing on the gap between the current state as described in the literature review and the future state as described in your scenario plan (Approx 1000 words).

Recommendations: This section should outline your specific recommendations.  It should follow your discussion and illustrate ideas and issues raised in your future of work section incorporating issues from the literature review and scenario plan. It should highlight ways to address perceived gaps between the current as outlined in the literature review and future trends drawn from the scenario plan (Approx 600 words).

(This section will be further expanded upon in your expo/ poster presentation in week 10)


Conclusion: This section should sum up the main arguments of the report and reflect on teamwork and the group approach to this report (Approx 300 words).



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