Secant method

1. What is the difference between Newton’s method and the Secant method?

Explain your answer using examples with MATLAB or/and Symbolab.

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1. What is the difference between an array, a matrix, and a vector?

2. Answer the following questions for the array shown here.

a) What is the size of c?

(b) What is the value of c(2,3)?

(c) List the subscripts of all elements containing the value 0.6.

3. Determine the size of the following arrays. Check your answers by entering the arrays into MATLAB and using the whos command or the Workspace Browser. Note that the later arrays may depend on the definitions of arrays defined earlier in this exercise.

(a) u = [10 20*i 10+20];

(b) v = [-1; 20; 3];

(c) w = [1 0 -9; 2 -2 0; 1 2 3];

(d) x = [u’ v];

(e) y(3,3) = -7;

(f) z = [zeros(4,1) ones(4,1) zeros(1,4)’];

(g) v(4) = x(2,1);

4. What is the value of w(2,1) in the w array calculated in part (c)?

5. What is the value of x(2,1) in the x array calculated in part (d)?

6. What is the value of y(2,1) in the y array calculated in part (e)?

7. What is the value of v(3) after statement (g) is executed?


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