Your second (and the last) essay is on the three major questions the course explores (a. Who is God? b. Who are we? c. How do we relate?).

We’ll do preparation for this in class, and I have posted suggested prep for this in Modules under the “Assessments” heading, titled “Helpful links for your 2nd essay.” Please take a look at this and make sure you know well in advance which religions and which scriptures you’ll be using for your essay.

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The same rubric and guidelines that were used for Essay 1 apply to Essay 3, such as sources, good academic writing, footnotes, formatting, etc. Make sure you’re looking at the rubric as you prepare your essay so you know how you’re graded and what I prioritize when grading.

For this essay, your general theme is two of these questions: a. Who is God? b. Who are we? c. How do we relate? (The “we” refers to practitioners of the faith in question, and the “how do we relate” means how do we relate to other humans, such as those who do not share our faith.) Choose two of these questions, and choose three religions that we have studied so far or will be studying in the coming weeks, at least one “Eastern” religion (among Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Hinduism) and at least one “Western” religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). You must use primary sources (the scriptures of the religions) to answer the two questions, in addition to at leas three secondary scholarly/academic sources that engage those questions and scriptures.

You have only 4 pages to make your point, so use that space wisely and intelligently.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions or seek clarifications, and please do not wait until the last minute to ask your questions.

Guidelines & Rubric

SOURCES: You must cite at least 3 sources. Your sources must be scholarly and reliable, not random facts or articles from the internet. The people you cite must be experts on, or otherwise have the credentials to talk about, the issues you’re citing them for. You may use only ONE news report (and it does not count towards the 3 required scholarly sources) if you cannot find evidence for a certain statement or claim in any scholarly readings.

CITATIONS:; only footnotes. Your works cited page must be the last page (does not count towards the 3.5-4 pg length requirement). If you’re not familiar with footnoting, here’s an intro: (Links to an external site.) (pg 2 offers guidance). Note that the footnote reference isn’t the same as the bibliography reference.)


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