Research Project


Purpose : The purpose of this assignment is to combine what you have learned about rhetoric, writing

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and research into a thorough project that answers your primary research questions.

Audience : Consider me and your classmates the audience for this project. We are interested and

engaged readers, but don’t assume we already know about your topic. Educate us.

Conventions : Typically, students format their research reports according to MLA conventions. In

addition, you are allowed to use charts, graphs, images, or consider alternative media for conveying

your work to your audience.

Trouble Spots : Here are a few common trouble spots for you to consider.

  • This project will ask you to account for the way you found your “answers.” How can you achieve

this in an informative and engaging way?

  • How will you avoid editorializing your topic? That is, how will you establish and maintain your

own credibility without falling into statements like “I truly believe…” and “Without question this


Turning it in : The project is due on Thursday, March 26 at 11:59 p.m . To turn in your work you should

upload your project to Google Classroom . Use your MIX ID to log in.

  1. Please upload your file as a Google Doc or in one of these formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf). While PDF

files are the most stable in terms of formatting, they also prohibit me from commenting on your


Getting a Grade : This formal writing will be returned to you with extensive feedback but no grade. I will

use the rubric on the next page to guide my feedback. This rubric should give you ideas about how to

prioritize your revisions.

Don’t forget that an excellent way to test your writing to see if you’re achieving your goals is to take it to

the SpeakWrite Studio located in Colson Hall.

ALTERNATE ASSIGNMENT OPTIONS (Presentations, Videos, Podcasters, etc.): All of the information

above, essentially, still applies to you. However, if you are choosing to present your research in an

alternate form we must discuss your parameters. Of course, all proper citations pages must be provided,

and source material should be referenced appropriately according to proper conventions of your chosen


Presentations should:

– Be 15-20 minutes long (no more, no less)

– Use powerpoint/Google Slides or another form of visual aid

– Briefly make clear what the goals/driving questions of the research project were, and a little

description of methods in addition to presentation of findings.

– Incorporate some sort of creative, interactive aspect (whether that be a visual demonstration,

survey, questionnaire, audience Q&A, or something else)

– Be able to be adjusted for any necessary revisions

Last Updated: 6 January 2020

Research Project

Documentaries and Podcasts should achieve all of the above goals, plus:

– Have crystal clear audio and/or visuals

– Creatively exhibit consideration and adherence to the conventions of the medium being used