Assignment: Reflection

Throughout this course, you have learned about many of the fundamental concepts of creative writing. You have applied these concepts to create a short story of your own, and the skills you have developed will help you become a published author, write for your own pleasure, and tell the stories you want to tell to the world. In this Reflection, you will evaluate what you have learned over the last six weeks and explain how you plan to use and improve your new skills beyond this course.

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To prepare for this Reflection:

  • Reflect on the knowledge and skills you have acquired since beginning this course.
    • How have your critical reading and creative writing skills improved?
  • Consider the strategies that you applied to your Final Project short story.
    • What strategies did you learn, and subsequently incorporate, while you were working on your story?
    • Which part(s) of the writing process did you find to be the most challenging?
  • Reflect on what you might do differently if you were to start your short story from the beginning.
  • Consider how your perspectives regarding creative writing have changed since the beginning of this course.

The assignment:

  • Write a 1- to 2-page paper assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses in your ability to read and write short stories. Be sure to include answers to the following questions:
    • What did you find most challenging about writing your short story?
    • What will you do to improve your next short story?
    • What advice would you give a student beginning this course regarding how to write a successful short story?

Writing and Formatting Expectations:

  • Write from the “I” point of view. After all, this is about you.
  • Indent the first sentence of each paragraph. Block paragraphs are not acceptable for this assignment.
  • Your final document should:
    • Be in a 10- or 12-point font, such as Times New Roman or Verdana.
    • Be double-spaced throughout.
    • Have 1-inch margins for top, bottom, left, and right.


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