public policy

ned by a commitment to “improving the human and social condition by creating and applying ideas, ”strategies, and actions to promote the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, and society as a whole” (“Introduction, About Walden University,” 2013–2014 Walden University Catalog, March 2014).

The Walden community helps to bring the university’s mission to life by participating in and leading research, speaker series, conferences, and service initiatives and projects that are making a difference in communities around the world in their focus on justice, sustainability, and peace.

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Mission of the Ph.D. Program in the School of Public Policy & Administration (SPPA): In order to create and maintain thriving communities, leaders and managers must have the vision and skill to plan, develop policies, implement programs and services, and manage resources effectively. Leaders in public service and all sectors of society should be grounded in scientific inquiry and scholarship.

The program prepares students to meet the challenges of creating and providing programs and services in an increasingly complex and collaborative environment. The program educates students on critical public policy issues and the latest best practices to promote social change through effective, forward-thinking leadership and management.

In this Discussion, you will explain the significance of your study, to include positive social change. To prepare for this Discussion, review the Social Change resources listed for the week.

By Day 4, post a description of the anticipated significance of your study, to include the implications for positive social change.

  • In your post, incorporate and reference Expanding Our Understanding of Social Change and use the Preparing Walden Learners for Social Change matrix.
  • Explain why your research is important to the public policy and administration field.
    What implications do you anticipate your research will have for the “social” and “change” components of the matrix, e.g., community and collaboration? Be specific about who might benefit and in what way.
  • Analyze ways this area of interest may lend itself to research-based solutions.
  • Explain one or more of these questions related to ethics and social change:
    • In what ways does your proposed research empower the people it is intended for, vs. strengthening the idea that they are victims in need of your charity?
    • To what extent or in what ways will you invite the recipients to participate in the design because you value their perspectives?
    • In what ways might the results of the research lead to social change for some but not for others?
    • How might the results be used to make decisions that harm specific groups of people?


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