Psychology Association

Required Textbook Readings:
Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2012). A History of Modern Psychology, (Ed. 10th).
Chapter 12, Gestalt Psychology
Chapter 13, Psychoanalysis: The Beginnings
Chapter 14, Psychoanalysis: After the Founding
Background Information:
The history of psychology is primarily told and developed from a western worldview and more often than not, the theorists who developed the field of psychology were male and came from privilege as discussed in your textbook. With this being true, the voice of minorities, those with low socioeconomic status (SES, i.e. the poor) and women were left out of the formulation of psychological theories, which has lead at times to the marginalization of these different populations. In light of this, the Reverend Jesse Jackson addresses the American Psychology Association in an attempt to bring to the forefront the deficits in the field of psychology and suggests how the field can become a diverse and inclusive community of academics and therapists.

Before the Initial Post:
Read Jackson (2000) article, What ought psychology to do?
Include in your Discussion Forum the following:

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Discuss the purpose of Jackson (2000) address to the APA.
Based on the principle of the “least of these”, what did Jackson (2000) claim is the role of psychology in the 21st century?
Describe the points where you disagree or agree with Jackson’s (2000) APA address.
Make initial post
250-300 words


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