nursing practice – decision making 

i need someone to write reflection for me :

“3000 word “

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you should write like 4 reflection

-professtional values

  • communication and interpersonal skils
  • – nursing practice – decision making
  • – leadership
  • for example how to write each one
  • for example “ professional values
  • you should make brief introduction
  • make a story or synario
  • analyzes evaluate +literature review
  • what you learnd
  • “ you should make every pointe like this way of writing “

the conclusion :

What the goal of your experience .

1- basic world and easy to read

2- 25 reference ( mention  the reference that you use in each paragraph)

3- no plagiarism ( do not check it in any website for plagiarism  )  no more 3% of plagiarism

4-follow  the instructions in the attachment very well


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