Monday revisited

. Based on the textbook reading, compare and contrast the  communication styles of males and females. Next, assess the impact of  the media on female and male communication styles and suggest two (2)  ways that the media potentially causes stereotyping. Support your  rationale with two (2) examples of possible stereotyping.

2. Determine three (3) key differences in the ways that women and  men negotiate. Next, give your opinion as to whether one gender is  better at negotiating than the other. Support your rationale with at  least two (2) examples of situations in which a specific gender  negotiated better than the other..

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Part 2

1. Examine your own network then describe its diversity in terms of  sex, race, ethnicity, and age. Next, based on what you have learned in  the course so far, propose three (3) methods you can utilize to broaden  or improve your existing network.

2. Go to The Business Journals Website and read the article titled  “Mentoring Monday revisited: A bumper crop of wisdom for businesswomen,”  located at  Next, based on the textbook and article, evaluate the significant  impact of gender on mentoring relationships. Next, give your opinion as  to whether you would prefer a female or male mentor. Provide a rationale  to justify your response.


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