magic item

The goal of this homework is to create a unique class of a “magic item”, which allows the user of the “magic item” to do something and then, perhaps, win something. Your “magic item” can (and should) have different behaviors than the “magic items” created by your fellow students. For example, a “magic item” may ask a riddle and, if answered correctly, awards a potOfGold. In addition to answering a riddle, other example behaviors are solving a math problem, answering a trivia question, playing a slot machine, etc.

Functional Requirements:

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1)You must declare your class in its own header file and then define your class in a corresponding source file.

2)Your “magic item” class should have at least two data members and, in addition to constructors and getter/setter functions, at least four other member functions. One of these other functions must be an introduction() function that tells the user how to use the “magic item” to win a prize.

3)Both files associated with your “magic item” class must include your name.


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