Live concert

Music paper (Live concert Review)

2 Live Concert Reviews are required for this class. The directions will be the same for each review: Write a review for live concert performance you have attended at some time this quarter. These must be events in which music is the primary focus. Describe the event, who was performing, where it took place, and what the music sounded like. Correctly apply at least 7 vocabulary words that were used in the class. These should be highlighted in some manner (bold, italics, underline, CAPITAL). Why was it a good or bad performance? Be critical with your review of the performance. Support your opinions with well-written observations and descriptors.

The review must be 500+ words in length. Use of correct grammar and spelling is required. These reviews should be your own, original thoughts and ideas about the music. A “selfie” photo documenting that you were in attendance at the concert venue is also required. You may also send this, along with the concert review itself to me through canvas, or email: . Due on 5/5/2017 and 6/9/2017 before class starts, but may be turned in any time before then.

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