Assignment 3:

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Review of 2 peer-reviewed articles, published in academic journal, which deal with or study psychological treatment interventions for PHYSICAL ILLNESS (e.g., cancer, obesity, chronic illness, diabetes…). The treatments could be individual-based (e.g., teaching stress management w/ certain kinds of patients; time-management; self-regulation; therapeutic writing, etc.) or group/socially based (e.g., the effectiveness of on-line, or actual support group with particular illness; social empowering programs; community program, etc.)

GOAL: You will practice reading and summarizing published articles in a coherent manner. You will also learn more specific info regarding particular treatment methods.

STRUCTURE: General introduction for your paper. For each publication:   introduction of the problem and relevant concepts; description of your findings (each paper’s research question/subjects/method/findings), discussion with the integration of what you have learned. After you have presented the 2 articles, write one paragraph of summary and reflection (your own thoughts on the issues).

LENGTH: 4-5 pgs. 1.5 space. Due April 15.

IMPORTANT: USE APA style for referencing


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