Future Vision Seminar Week 5: You are a Leader

Future Vision Seminar Week 5: You are a Leader

Welcome to our second to last week of this groundbreaking seminar.  This week you will see how YOU ARE a leader and how to use that to have the exponential growth you deserve. To be a leader you have to be disruptive and see all aspects of a project.

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The time is always now to learn and apply your knowledge for a better life. AIU is preparing you to be a force for improving your community. You become a role model by your own advancement. You will inspire others.

Due date of assignment: within 3 days of receiving course.

Description of Course:  Leadership is crucial for improving the life in your community. However, a leader does not have to be a charismatic and extroverted person. Anyone can be a leader even in a humble way. This course seeks to break the paradigms of what a leader is.

Assignment: This is the 5th week of a 6-week series, which will guide you to be the leader you were born to be. There are 6 assignments. Each assignment receives 1 credit.

Read this article to break paradigms of how you view leadership. Anyone can be a leader. A true leader does not seek to impress others, but rather to inspire others with their actions.

Week 5 Reading: Breaking paradigms about leadership https://onthinktanks.org/articles/breaking-paradigms-about-leadership/ You answer these 6 questions to receive a 100% grade just for answering the questions! The answers should add up to 400 words.

1. How can an introvert be a leader?

2. What do leaders actually do?

3. How would you define a true leader?

4. In what ways can you be a leader to develop the maximum potential of your community?

5.Why is passion important to be a leader?

6. How does your awareness of true leadership break the paradigms of your life to reach your maximum potential?

See yourself as a multidimensional leader living the proper way, advancing your knowledge and guiding those who need hope and direction.

Please complete this in a word document following our resource guide and submit via your student portal to receive credit.  


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