fundamentals of Buddhism

Goal: The goal of this forum is to be introduced to the fundamentals of Buddhism and the Four Noble Truths.

Course Objective(s):

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CO1 Identify the influence that major world religions have on society and illustrate the importance of studying religion today.
CO2 Describe and evaluate the key beliefs and characteristics of each major world religion and show how they are reflected in political and social structures and attitudes.
CO4 Distinguish the basic concepts that make up a religious world view (e.g., creation of the world, good and evil, salvation, suffering);

Select one (1) option from below and develop your Initial Response and reply to at least two (2) other students (peer replies).


Scholars continue to debate the academic nature of Buddhism as to whether it should be identified as a religion or a philosophy. Based upon your research and studies this week, compare and contrast these two positions and then academically defend your position clearly demonstrating why you believe that Buddhism should be identified as a religion or philosophy.


The Four Noble Truths serve as the foundational teachings of Buddhism as they seek to address the issues of human suffering in the world. Given the major premise found within the Four Noble Truths, what relationship do you find in Buddhism for offering a response to the practice of gaining self-identity through the practice of Consumerism that is found in our society today and illustrate the prospect for the growth of Buddhism in America as it relates to your research. In addressing this issue, you will need to identify, define, and apply the Four Noble Truths from which you will academically defend your position.


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