Final Research

Final Research paper about FOR AHKEEM)

Once you’ve done your research and completed your “fast draft”, go back and “polish” your essay into a more complete 5-paragraph draft in MLA format.  This draft will be reviewed by two of your peers on Thursday (you will be doing the same for two of your classmates). Aim for 250 words per paragraph.

Paragraph 1 – tell us about the who, what, where, when, why of your film’s issue/topic (the 5W’s/background) – basically give us a broad overview.  Then share a thesis – letting us know where the rest of your paper is headed (the 3 main points you want to make can be summarized here).

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Paragraph 2 – begin with a topic sentence about point #1 and then elaborate.  Include research support (either paraphrased material with in-text citations or a quote with a signal phrase) somewhere in the paragraph.

Paragraph 3 – transition to point 2, share a topic sentence, elaborate and include research.

Paragraph 4 – transition to point 3, share a topic sentence, elaborate, and include research.

Paragraph 5 – summarize what you’ve shared and then end with a link to either the film’s official website or somewhere we could go to learn even more about this topic

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