False Confession

To prepare

Review the “Filicide or False Confession?” case provided in the textbook.
Review the articles provided in the Learning Resources.
In a 2- to 3-page paper:

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Summarize the “Filicide or False Confession?” case provided in the textbook.
Evaluate and explain the appropriateness of the use of the forensic assessment instruments (MMPI-2 and the SIRS) used in the case.
Explain whether other forensic assessment instruments would be more appropriate than the ones utilized in the case.
Support your assessment of the instruments based on each of the following:
Norming sample populations
Explain why it is important in your present or future forensic role to have a thorough understanding of the assessment instrument(s) utilized by the forensic professional.
Support your responses with evidence from the Learning Resources or other academic material.

Appleby, S. C., & Kassin, S. M. (2016). When self-report trumps science: Effects of confessions, DNA, and prosecutorial theories on perceptions of guilt. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 22(2), 127–140. doi:10.1037/law0000080

Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.


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