Developmental Issues

Overcoming Challenges to Working With Life Transition or Developmental Issues Counselors base ethical and effective clinical practice not only on sound theoretically- and research-driven work, but also on self-awareness of the person inside the role of counselor. You bring your own couple and family experiences that may enrich or detract from your success as a marriage, couple, and family counselor. Contextualize these issues within your future clinical practice, and think about how your experience might impact your work with clients. Consider whether there are issues you might find challenging to work with because of your personal history, values, or beliefs, and then reflect on how you might address these challenges.


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Overcoming Challenges


In this week the most challenging transition that I would say would enforce the of loss of a job and substance abuse, because of the failure of a close relative that unfortunately died from drinking extremely too much, which started from job loss, and relationship problems to extreme drinking problems.  In such situations transitioning from job loss, problems in marriage to drinking yourself into a comma. Not only but also, working with clients with such addictions have me undermining my ethics on the issues of these addicts. Job loss can have a significant impact on the family structure, which in turn may be associated with interpersonal turmoil among family members (Lara, T., & Kindsvatter, A.,2010). However, when challenges that you experience too come in view, you sometimes are at a standstill, until you humble yourself back to helping a client in their most precise times and extreme need of help. Also, my views are just as crucial as the history of substance abuse and addictions of alcohol use. I’ve seen how it started with them going to the meetings, and the cravings come back in the picture and take over their life once again. On the other hand, I have a strong belief system when it comes to helping people in need, “You have to want it as much as you say you do” You have to need it as much to see it through”. Nonetheless, these beliefs have seen me through the good times as well as the bad times. In my practice, I took an oath to help everyone so they too can transition into a better person and conquer all of their demons and problems that they may experience. Therefore, as a counselor my ethical rights are to safeguard the welfare of my client, inform them of all their rights, set up a Counseling Plan, not to engage in any personal virtual media or social relationships such as (families, friends, or romantic partners), respecting client rights, and privacy. Nevertheless, all these values and beliefs will set me up to understand that I have a job to help all in need of my services and challenges can determine a lot in one’s practice that is why it is considered a problem.


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