clinical practice experiences

Please explain what each of the following courses mean to me within my nursing career and how I was able to apply the various BSN essentials through the completion of various course assignments and clinical practice experiences. I have attached the BSN essentials as well as a course description for each course. The paper needs to be 2 pages in length, reflecting on each class. The description of each class is listed below along with an explanation of each BSN essential. Utilize as many BSN essential as possible for each course reflection.

2 pages minimum

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Care Management II

Nursing care management of diverse adult and elderly acute care populations experiencing physiologic and psychological illnesses. Proficiency is acquired in the classroom and in clinical experiences across conditions that have a significant effect on quality of life, are highly preventable, and/or economically inefficient. Emphasis is placed on interprofessional collaboration and advocacy to achieve optimal outcomes.

Ethical and Legal issues in health care

The course introduces contemporary bioethical and legal issues confronting healthcare providers in a variety of settings. Topics focus on identification of legal and ethical principles underlying the decision-making process in nursing and healthcare.

Information Technology for Nursing

Information management and patient care technology skills, including analysis of various applications of information systems within the context of the healthcare system. Elements covered include theoretical models; data acquisition and data representation; nursing vocabularies and nursing knowledge representation; managing organizational change; ethical and social issues in healthcare and consumer information technology.


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