buying consultancy

Review Chapter 14: The client’s perspective – buying consultancy
Complete weekly discussion post *this is similar to last week’s discussion…. but from the other side!
In Chapter 14 of our text, the author discusses 20 consulting tips for clients busying consultancy. After reaching chapter 14 and reviewing the tips, I’d like for you to choose at 5 – 7 tips that you found the most beneficial. Remember that you are in a different mindset than last week, this is for a client-centric approach.

For EACH tip you choose, answer the following:

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Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

Why do you feel this tip is more beneficial than others?
If you were working as a consultant how would you implement these tips to improve your work for a client-centric approach?
Don’t forget to follow the outlined expectations for your initial discussion post and peer replies.


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