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5.  LENGTH: 7-8 pages

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Assignment: Essay Questions

  1. What are three reasons why it is not possible to define a simple analytical scheme that can be applied to all types of evidence?
  2. Research the process of neutron activation analysis as applied to forensic science. Where can this be conducted?
  3. Describe the important distinctions found in glass evidence and what this type of evidence can tell the forensic scientist (e.g., birefringence, dispersion, crystalline solids, and amorphous solids).
  4. A suspect has been found miles from the scene of a murder. Soil is found adhering to the suspect’s shoe. Your team is designated to collect the evidence, but you are working a different crime scene. Write a briefing for your team to ensure the proper collection and preservation of soil evidence that will permit a thorough comparison of the soil on the shoe to soil at the crime scene.


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