AIU’s core values of UN’s Human Rights and 2030 UNESCO objectives

You have the opportunity to become an AIU Ambassador and use your service hours for the benefit of your fellow students. Service hours are equivalent to internships at traditional universities. Only the service hours at AIU allow you to build your resume and portfolio.

The total amount of service hours is 50; we want to incorporate AIU’s core values of UN’s Human Rights and 2030 UNESCO objectives.  These service hours can vary in presentation keeping in mind that each person is different in how he thinks, how he acts, how he learns and how he is. It is up to us to constantly evolve with the awareness that we are never the same because we are always changing both individually and collectively.

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Options include:

·         AIU Webinar: sharing your knowledge with our students (30 hours awarded)

·         Creating an AIU online course for our bachelor’s students to incorporate into their curriculum (30 hours)

·         Write an article for publication, to share with our student body (10 hours)

·         Create an AIU TV or Radio show (20 hours)

·         Create a seminar series of 6 weeks with material for our students (50 hours)


How do you want to complete your service hours? Please let me know by April 2, 2020, so we can begin working towards them. 

We also want to hear your ideas on how AIU can enhance our learning community.


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