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Section 1: Summary of the leader’s current and previous positions and career highlights.Use the Wall Street Journal articles you have found about your leader as the start of your research on this individual. Using the library databases find at least 4 other articles or good sources of information about your leader and his/her background and career. Articles should be from credible business press or newspaper sources (not blogs!). Company web sites are allowable sources. Your final list of sources should be 5-7 credible sources all cited correctly and in APA format (meaning citations within your paper and the reference list at the end).Based on your research/sources, write a description of your leader’s career highlights and current position. Length and depth guideline is 3-4 well developed paragraphs.

Section 2: Summary of the leader’s traits, behaviors and style.Using the sources you have compiled describe (using examples from the background articles) and simultaneously analyze (using theories and models from your text), the individual characteristics of your leader. What behaviors and traits do they display? What leadership style or styles do his/her behaviors and actions demonstrate? This section should also be 4-6 well developed paragraphs.

Section 3: Summary of the organizational circumstances that led this leader to be in the newsCompile a timeline of the organizational circumstances that led to your leader being in the news. Try not to quote the actual articles but paraphrase in your own words what the dynamics of the situation were. Be sure to include enough description so that the organizational stakeholders, context and your leader’s actions are wellMGMT 425 Updated 2described. This section can either be a bulleted list of events or in paragraph form.Length and depth guideline is 2-3 well developed paragraphs or 6-9 bullet points.Include citations where necessary.

Section 4: Apply the LFS FrameworkUsing the leader, follower, situation framework we have been studying all semesteranalyze the dynamics of the situation or situations you described in Section 3.Explain how the three parts of the model worked and how they influenced eachother (or not). Take extra attention to fully analyze the leader actions your chosenleader took and how it influences either the followers or the situation (or viceversa). This section should be 4-6 well developed paragraphs. ALL aspects of themodel should be fully explored fully; you will want to demonstrate your completeunderstanding of the model.


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