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You will submit a PowerPoint presentation containing a title slide, 10-15 slides each with comprehensive content demonstrating the use of your peer-reviewed sources, and reference slides. Remember to include a source for each image or graphic included on the slides; this is easiest done directly on the slide under or next to the image. Your “talking points” are considered speaker notes and should contain 20-30 minutes of “talk time.” Information read directly from the slide should be included in the speaker notes. We recommend you time yourself while reading your speaker notes to determine if your presentation is within the 20-30 minutes for content. Your speaker notes should be written exactly as you would be speaking to your audience. You do need to include citations in your speaker notes. Be sure to include all of your references on the reference slide(s).


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Create a formal reference page including all of your nine (or more) references from your project. Please be sure to use formal APA format. Refer to your APA manual for any questions.


Introduction of Focused Area: Nursing Administration, Education, or Nurse Practitioner.

My focus area for this capstone project will be Education. I plan to educate my local community on an issue that I am passionate about because it can help save the lives of many. 

Introduction of Capstone Project. Identification of area of Interest and Strengths and why important. 

My area of interest is non-chemical practices for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is such a complicated mental illness that too many adults and children suffer from. Even with the use of medications, symptoms are not completely alleviated. I would like to educate the public on additional treatment practices that can make their lives and the lives of their families easier. 

3 references and 3 SMART goals I created for this project that must be used.


  1. By the end of my presentation, 88% of the audience will write down a  correlation between suicide and bipolar disorder.

·  Correlation   between suicide and bipolar disorder

Zai, C. C., Gonçalves, V.   F., Tiwari, A. K., Gagliano, S. A., Hosang,

G., de Luca, V., … Kennedy, J. L. (2015). A   genome-wide  association study of suicide severity   scores in bipolar disorder. Journal of   Psychiatric Research, 65, 23–29. https://doi-org.ezproxy.uta.edu/10.1016/j.jpsychires.2014.11.002


  1. By the end of my presentation, 95% of the audience will identify one        positive outcome of ECT therapy

· ECT and Bipolar Disorder


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