#9 Your Future Vision Seminar Week 4:Power of Creativity

Your Future Vision Seminar Week 4: Power of Creativity

Welcome to week 4 of our Future vision seminar. This week we will explore the power of creativity, breaking our limits as paradigm pioneers. The beauty of andragogy at AIU is that you have at your fingertips the ability to create and expand visions. AIU is preparing you to maximize your unique potential.

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Description of Course:  Innovation, invention and creativity are the keys to sustainable abundance for a person in their job and for a nation’s economy. Creativity depends on how you use your knowledge. Your knowledge depends on how you learn. This course seeks to expand the awareness of your knowledge so that you can be more creative.


Assignment: This is the 4th week of a 6-week series, which will guide you on how to use your creativity to reach your maximum potential. The assignment of each week receives 1 credit.


Watch this video to break paradigms of how you view the world. The video talks about creativity based on knowledge and how creativity improves life.

Week 4 Video: Why real creativity is based on knowledge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vajIsWwHEMc

You answer these 6 questions to receive a 100% grade just for answering the questions! The answers should add up to 400 words.


1. What is creativity?

2. What do you think that a nation’s wealth depends on its people continuing being creative and innovative?

3. How do you develop creativity with your knowledge?

4. What examples do you have from your own life where your creativity increased your abundance?

5. How important are the teachers in your community?

6. How will your awareness of creativity break the paradigms of your life to reach your maximum potential?


Answer these questions in a word document following the academic format of an AIU essay and submit it via your student portal to receive credit. Please look next week for the 5th assignment for unlocking your maximum potential.


Creative knowledge is expanded by the multidisciplinary approach of AIU. Be creative in choosing your courses from different majors. The combination of different studies develops creative knowledge.


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