World History

What were the long-term effects of theEuropean Reformation?How did the Columbian Exchange changesociety in Europe, Africa, and the Americas?Name one short-term and one long-term impactof industrialization on society. Was industrialization a major or minor change?How did people resist the institution ofslavery, and were any forms of resistance successful?Why were Asian communities popular amongmerchants from throughout the globe?Explain the reasons behind the decline ofthe Mughal Empire. Why did the British Empire replace it so easily, whenBritain is so far away from India?Was the Enlightenment more of a gentlemanlypursuit, or did it have a real impact on the average person? Explain youranswer with examples.How did revolutionary ideals in Franceaffect revolutions in Haiti and Latin America? Be specific.What was New Imperialism, and how did itcome to Africa?Why was WW1 considered a ‘WorldWar’?Explain the causes of the Russian Revolutionin 1918.How could you say that World War One causedWorld War Two?What was “Decolonization” in the 20thcentury? How did the events of World War Two encourage decolonization?The 1920s to 1950s were a time of radicalideologies in government. Why were fascist ideas so popular during this period?What was going on to make law and order so preferable?How did exploration into the “New World”affect relationships among European kingdoms?Compare the consequences of the BoxerRebellion and the Taiping Rebellion.Describe two ways that Chineseadministration changed from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty.How did the conclusion of World War Twosplit the world into the two factions of the Cold War?Why was it easy to create a global communityafter the fall of the Soviet Empire? What events of the past twenty years havecontributed to the idea of a global culture?Define the New World Order. How is itchanging lives all over the globe?

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