Question 1:________________________________ is a study that all belts should conduct to assure that the  variation shown in data analysis is coming from the data itself and not from the mechanism by which it  was collected. A Correlation B Control Charting C Voice of the Customer D Measurement Systems Analysis Question 2:What is the medal that recognizes a chief executive for practices of quality and breakthrough   management? A Juran Medal B Ishikawa Medal C Deming Medal D Lancaster Medal Question 3:What is one way to channel nervousness early in preparing for the presentation? A Acknowledge the crowd B Use interjections C Meet and greet the audience D Memorize the names of attendees beforehand Question 4:A consistent “Lean Enterprise Culture” and “Continuous Process Improvement” are just two of the four   dimensions associated with A The Deming Prize B The Shingo Prize Model C The TOC Model D The Juran Model Question 5:In order to be considered for the ‘Shingo Prize Model’ the Master Black Belt should consider  implementing which approach and philosophy across the enterprise? A The PDSA approach B The lean management approach and philosophy C The SPC approach D The Crosby approach Question 6:What outcomes are reviewed in the “Results” category of the Malcolm Baldrige National  Quality Award? A Product and Service Outcomes B Customer Focused Outcomes C Process Effectiveness Outcomes D All of the above Question 7:The House of Quality is a wonderful tool but infrequently utilized by belts in most organizations.  Which of the following is not a consideration for the Master Black Belt when considering the deployment of this  tool within their organization? A Determine the template the organization will use and incorporate across the board B Bring in someone from the outside when you have to use this tool C Use the tool during continuing education sessions with belts D See one, do one, teach one Question 8:Ideal solution elements are part of what creativity technique? A Delphi B Mind Mapping C TILMAG D Brainwriting Question 9:Main effects and interaction plots show A The statistical significance of the effect or interaction B The magnitude of the effect or interaction C The relative strength of the effect or interaction D B and C E All of the above Question 10:Which of the following is the key to a successful Supplier/Customer relationship? A B Transparency C Quality D All of the above E None of the above Question:What’s the difference between simple random sampling and stratified random sampling? A Stratified random sampling divides the population into overlapping groups B For stratified random sampling, in each strata, every kthelement is selected C Stratified random sampling divides the population into nonoverlapping groups D Stratified random sampling divides the population into clusters and simple random sampling is done within each cluster Question 12:All of the following are characteristics of a Master Black Belt. Which one is characteristic of a  Black Belt? A Project execution B Tool specialist C Dashboarder D Project selection Question 13:What are some of the advantages cited for ISO Certification? A Good paperwork B Recognition domestically only C International trade and productivity improvement D Less focus on the economy Question 14:Which of the following is a statistic utilized during a Gage R & R for discrete data? A Kappa B F C T D Levene’s Question 15:As a company becomes more experienced in implementing process improvement, according to  Malcolm Baldrige, the impact is likely to increase their scores leading to A The likelihood of an award in the first few years B A visit from Baldrige auditors C Dismissal of their application submission D None of the above Question 16:According to the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award, points are awarded based on A Approach B Deployment C Both A and B D Neither A nor B Question 17:When folding over a design, you should block on the two experiments. A True B False Question 18:Which of the following should a company ask of the quality program of a potential supplier? A How do they measure their quality? B What data are they willing to share? C Do they benchmark? D All of the above E None of the above Question 19:The award or medal that recognizes a company’s outstanding improvement in seven categories is A The Ishikawa Award B The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award C The Deming Medal D The Grant Medal Question 20:What is one of the steps a Master Black Belt might pursue in order to advance hisher career? A Continue attending local conferences only B Do only projects visible to senior management C Secure a coach and mentor D Keep focused on the job attending development as time allows Week Twelve (12) – Six (6).doc

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