Villanova University – Federal Contract Management Certification Program

1. Question:Performance measurement of systems being acquired A Is the only allowable source of information that can be used B Provides detailed technical performance measurement C Is used to analyze results D Is used to analyze on-going status 2. Question:Major system procurements by the government span many years. Acquisition planning should begin A When a purchase request is first entered into an agency system so that appropriations debates can ensue B When the requiring entity or end user develops an acceptable, specific Statement of Work C When the agency first identifies a real or potential need for supplies or services D When the annual appropriations are established for the year preceding the current need 3. Question:What is a consequence of duplicate requirements in a performance-based statement of work? A Duplicate effort may be performed B Change management will be more difficult C Importance of requirement is weakened D Importance of requirement is optimized 4. Question:What is the fundamental decision that an agency must make in operational decisions? A What should the budget request be? B Make or Buy? C What is the agency mission? D Compliance with regulations 5. Question:The Davis Bacon Act, the Walsh-Healy Act, and the Service Contract Act are all: A Acts outlining documentation B Wage and hour laws C Safety in the workplace laws D Drug-free workplace laws   6. Question:Requirements and mission for an agency can be added A At levels above the agency B In Congressional committees C Both A and B D Neither A nor B 7. Question:The fiscal goal of an agency is to A Return excess and unobligated funds to the U. S. Treasury B Apply excess and unobligated funds to following years requirements C Over-expend funds D Expend all of the funds budgeted 8. Question:The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) formally Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) is responsible for performing contract administration services related to: (Select all that apply) A Quality B Timeliness C Procurement systems D Acceptability E Shipping and receiving F Financial management 9. Question:The Joint Conference for Appropriations A Can raise the amount appropriated above either house’s bill B Can lower the amount appropriated below either house’s bill C Can settle on an appropriation amount between the two house’s upper and lower limits D Must take one or the other house positions 10. Question:A ‘Performance Based Statement of Work’ includes a A Mission Analysis B Quality Plan C Requirements Analysis D All of the above 11. Question:Federal agencies’ requirements are mostly A Technology-based B Needs-based C Mission-based D Budget-driven 12. Question:Which of the following is the government official who heads the U.S. General Accounting Office and who is responsible for overseeing the federal procurement process? A Comptroller General of the United States B Director of Office of Federal Procurement Policy C Chief of Staff D Secretary of Defense 13. Question:The key output of the Federal Procurement Data System is: A An annual report to Congress B A catalog of items that the government should purchase during the next fiscal year C A list of specifications that businesses must meet before they are awarded government contracts D A prediction of tax revenue available for expenditure 14. Question:Which of the following is the basic set of regulations governing federal procurement establishing   uniform policies and procedures to be used by federal executive agencies when making acquisitions? A Federal Acquisition Circulars B Federal Procurement Regulations C Defense and Civilian Agency Acquisition Councils D Federal Acquisition Regulation 15. Question:In requirements statements, the use of adjectives to describe performance requirements is A Creating vague requirements B Providing additional guidance C Clarifying inspectors role D Providing an audit trail 16. Question:A performance-based statement of work should trace back to the agency mission. A True B False 17. Question:In a quality assurance plan, it is permissible to A Allow contractor self-certification B Develop new test standards C Test to higher standards D Direct changes based on test results 18. Question:The Small Business Administration was created to: A Encourage large prime contractors to subcontract with smaller businesses B Prevent small businesses from competing for government contracts they could not fulfill C Combat corrupt government dealings with small businesses D Reduce bureaucracy related to government contracting 19. Question:The key government employee having the authority to enter into, administer, and terminate   contracts and to make related determinations and findings on behalf of the government is the: A Director of Contract Appeals B Contracting Officer’s Representative C Contracting Officer D Executive Department General Accountant 20. Question:The 8(a) program benefits small businesses by: A Providing them with technical assistance B Having the government contract as their prime C Providing them with equipment D All of the above

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