The Security Plan

did a court house floor plan but he wants me to add more things to it I am just out of things to add need help it is due on Sunday.Final Project OverviewThefinal project requires you to prepare a comprehensive security plan for atarget environment of your choice or creation. The construction of thissecurity plan allows you to put into practice the many security conceptsexplored in this course, including the assessment of threats and risks, theidentification of vulnerability gaps, the proposal of countermeasures, and thecreation of an emergency and disaster response plan. Your complete securityplan must be 1,400 to 1,750 words in length and you must cite at least threereferences in APA format.Final Project: The Security Plan Resource: Appendix A Due Date: Day 7 Create a 1,400- to 1,750-word comprehensive security plan for the target environment you submitted in Week Five. In your plan, include the following items: The FLOOR PLAN of the target environment A list of threats A risk assessment for each threat Current vulnerability gaps Proposed countermeasures, which take into account each of the following components of the overall security objective: Physical security Information security Personnel security Liability issues Departmental dependencies Emergency plan and disaster response for the following: Bomb threat Fire A summary justifying each of your choices as well as the overall design Format your paper according to APA guidelines.Reference the text and at least two other sources. Post your plan as one Microsoft attachment. Include your floor plan within the document.

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