IT Project

IT Project Title Page, Part 1: Create a Word document of a Title Page for an IT Project in APA format. Be sure to cite any outside sources used. The Title Page should include the following information:• Project name• Information Technology Project (Part 1)• Course number and name• Student name• Instructor name IT Project Selection/Description, Part 2: Submit a Word document of the description of an IT system project. Use APA formatting. Provide the project description and justification for choice of the project including a general statement of:• Unique purpose• Beginning and ending points• General outline of work to be done in the project• Hardware, software, and other resources to be used• Description of customer• The reason why the project was chosen Summarize the key elements of the IT project plan and the critical duties of the project manager for that project. Parts 1 and 2 should be submitted as one in a Word document.

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