Task Analysis on Ergonomic Training and Development. 200 word essay w/references

Please read and understand this assignment before agreeing to do it.  If you cannot follow the instructions I will not pay.  If you can not complete it please don’t agree to do it. Your answer to this assignment should be at least 200 words.  This essay should include an introduction, body, and closing paragraphs as a minimum.  It should include at least 2 reference (the text book http://sdrv.ms/14eIcXw (link to chapter 14-16 of the textbook and the associated chapters to this question) and an outside source in APA format (see bottom of the page for more details).ASSIGNMENT:Describe and discuss how the use of task analysis plays an important role in ergonomic training and development. Be specific and give examples to supplement your discussion. In addition, what is the difference between task analysis and applied cognitive task analysis?INSTRUCTIONS:Your answer to this essay should be 200 words, double-spaced, with one inch margins andno more than a 12 pitch font.  The assignment requires that you use your text (Course book: A Guide to Human Factors and ergonomics by Martin Helander, 2006 Taylor & Francis Group. LLC) and at least one other references and readings, which pertain to the topic in question.APA Guidelines CSU requires that students use the APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules forformatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. CSU Grading Rubric for Written ReponsesContent, Organization, & Grammar:The content is exceptionally clear, focused, relevant, and well suited to the audience andpurpose. Main ideas are clearly written, supported by appropriate resources,and strong details.The organization enhances the central idea(s) and its development. The order and structure are strong and enables the reader to move through the text effortlessly.Grammatical errors are so few and so minor that they do not impede readability.Content exceeds 200 word minimum required length.Resources & References:Source materials are properly identified and cited in APA format. The content is presented withproper in-text and reference citations.The source material includes an appropriate reference list that contains all of the sources thatare cited within the text.The source material includes varying and correct forms of integration (ie: paraphrased and directlyquoted material is used and cited properly).Sources used are at the appropriate academic level.Course book: A Guide to Human Factors and ergonomics by Martin Helander, 2006 Taylor & Francis Group. LLC

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