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1. You can change the color of a worksheet tab in Excel 2010.   True   False 2. Rows are identified using numbers.   True   False 3. To view a comment on a worksheet you can simply mouse over the red triangle in a cell.   True   False 4. Columns are identified using numbers.   True   False 5. You can rename a worksheet tab.   True   False 6. The feature of Excel allows you to copy the same value, function, or formula to another cell or group of cells.   Auto Fill  Merge  Text alignment  Either Merge or Text alignment7. To use the AuotFit Row Height tool you would find it in the follow group:   Formula  Cells  Editing  Clipboard8. What is in a cell that indicates a comment is present?   Green triangle  Red triangle  Yellow triangle  None of the above9. What specific type of application is Excel considered to be?   Database  Word Processing  Spreadsheet  Presentation10. In the format cells dialog box you can format all of the following except:   Font  Fill  Protection  Tab name11. If you need to change the width of a column or height of a row you would use this feature in Excel:    Alignment  Autofit  Autosize  Resize12. This group in Excel contains the options to align text within a cell.   Font Group  Alignment Group  Paragraph group  Styles group13. Where a row and column intersect is referred to as a:  Cell  Location  Name box  None of the above14. In Excel 2010, by default a number is formatted as:   Currency  General  Percentage  Normal15. In Excel this element can be thought of like the old paper legers, in online electronic form.   Cell  Worksheet  Formula  None of the above16. The cell size in a worksheet is seldom times large enough to hold text that you may want to type into a cell. To ensure all your text appears in a cell without resizing the cell you could use the following tool:    Center and Merge  Indentation  Wrap Text  Only type single words in a cell17. To select an entire worksheet to change the font or font size you would select the:   Font ribbon  Font and font size option  Select all button  None of the above18. Where is the fill handle located?   Lower right hand corner of an active cell  Lower left hand corner of an active cell  Upper right hand corner of an active cell  Upper left hand corner of an active cell19. The column width tools are found in this group   Editing  Home  Insert  Cells20. The format currency button is found in this group:   Home  Cells  Number  Editing21. To format a worksheet professionally you could select this tool:    Formatting  Styles  Font  Color22. To add a useful tip or to document something in Excel you can add something that looks like a post-it note. This is referred to as a:   Comment  Description  Documentation  None of the above23. This bar is located directly below the ribbon and just above the grid of columns and rows in a worksheet. You use this bar to enter formulas and/or functions.   Menu  Number  Formula  Either Number or Formula24. This is located at the bottom of a worksheet below the worksheet tabs. This displays a variety of information related to the data on a worksheet:   Formula Bar  Name Box  Menu Bar  Status Bar25. By default when you first open Excel these numbers of worksheets are available?   One  Four  Two  Three

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