same reading different scenerio Part 2

Before beginning your thread, read, analyze, and critique the code of ethics for AAMFT, IAMFC, AACC, and ACA.  Here are the current locations for the AAMFT and ACA codes:, follow these instructions:1. Listed below is a situation that may or may not violate codes of ethics when working with families.  Study the scenario carefully and then go to the codes of ethics for AAMFT, IAMFC, AACC, and ACA to find the ethical answers to the dilemmas presented.  Be sure to record the code location on each ethical code where the violation or permission is given for the counselor to do what had been done (ex: AAMFT 2.2 or ACA B.7. 2). You are a single counselor with your own private agency.  You saw a family for a year in 2003. During the counseling sessions you realized there was an attraction between you and the oldest daughter or son.  Since you did not want to hinder the therapeutic relationship you had built with the family, you did not pursue a romantic relationship.  After one of the family sessions you and the daughter/son admit to the romantic feelings you have for each other, yet agreed not to pursue this attraction.  Later the family seems to improve and the counseling was terminated.  It has been 24 months since your last counseling session, so you decide to call and pursue your romantic feelings for this client.  Have you, as a professional counselor, conducted yourself in an ethical manner?Your initial thread should be 500 – 600 words (no more) and must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday.

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