Public Opinion Survey and Paper

Alright so this is the project I was talking about yesterday.I will post the assignment guidelines from my instructor but will highlight the only parts you have to be concerned with to complete for me.Assignment Guidelines: Select, as a team, one of the members’ topics from the Individual Assignment: Criminal Justice Policy-Making Matrix and Paper due in Week Two. Drug Legislation  Design a public opinion poll or survey to elicit information from the key actors about the selected public policy. Include the following in your survey: The key actors Five survey questions for each key actor The survey instrument you intend to use Write [1000 word paper] summarizing the rationale of the survey you created. Include the following in your paper: The key actors Why the key actors were chosen Why the particular questions were chosen A prediction of the survey results The influence your predicted results will have on policy making Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Submit a copy of your survey with the paper.

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