Peer Perview

LP8.2: Peer Review To complete this Peer Review upload a copy of your essay draft in LP8.2: Peer Review in the Discussion Board. (Include your name in the subject line.) After you have uploaded your draft to the Discussion Board, your instructor will assign you another student’s essay to peer review using the Peer Review Form (below) to complete your review. Your instructor may have further directions/suggestions for you to consider. Peer Evaluation Form Use the following questions to help you complete the revision process. Direct your comments to your partner. Explain your answers as thoroughly as possible to help your partner revise. 1.  Does the thesis statement contain the essay’s controlling idea and an opinion about that idea?2.  Does the thesis appear as the last sentence of the introduction? 3.  Does the essay have all the basic elements? Is each one effective? 4.  Does each paragraph support the thesis statement?5.  Does each paragraph contain enough specific details to develop it topic sentence? 6.  Do all the essay’s topic sentences relate directly to the thesis statement?7.  Do the details in each paragraph support its topic sentence? 8.  Is the essay organized logically?9.  Is each body paragraph organized logically? 10.  Are transitions used effectively so that paragraphs move smoothly and logically from one to the next?11.  Do the sentences move smoothly and logically from one to the next?

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