Motivational and Emaotional Biases

This question is being asked in this format to set the pledge and make a deposit of 50% as required. The question is reflected below again as precaution to eliminate any miscommunication.Motivational and Emotional BiasesThink about your process of making decisions that have conflicting long-term and short-term interests and then write a paper that is grammatically correct, 600 – 800 words in length, and cites sources in accordance with APA standards answering the following:a.  Discuss the influences of motivational and emotional biases on one’s personal decision making process giving an example that analyzes the issues involved and devise a plan that helps one put these biases in check, while providing a detailed explanation of the analysis that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.b.  Using a real-world example, illustrate the negative impacts that motivational and emotional biases have on organizational decision making and then analyze the issues that are involved and prepare apersuasive argument to convince the organization with which you are familiar to adopt a decision making process that is protected from the undue influences of these biases.  c.  Provide an example of how motivational or emotional biases have caused you to make less than optimal decisions in the past.  What strategy could you pursue that would reduce the likelihood of making a similar decision in the future?

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