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Need help with assignment,  select a feature-length film or television show to look at the elements of communication that the show utilizes, study the communication that occurs between the characters in the film and identify the effects of verbal communication, non verbal communication, perception, and roles on interpersonal communication. In other words, come up with a short description of the communication that occurs within that setting. Written Analysisthe paper will have three parts: a) title page, b) summary c) analysis.a) title pageThe title page, (which incidentally, is not part of your page count) should cover all of the relevant filmographic information. That is to say, make sure that the cover page of your paper has the title, year, and director of the film you have chosen. b) summaryThe summary portion of the paper is a one page single spaced centered synopsis of the plot. You can be as descriptive and detailed as you like, but keep it to one page. (This can be part of your page count.)c) analysisThis is the bulk of your paper, and is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your communication competence. Answer the following questions in as much detail as possible: What does the film indicate about the communication patterns of the culture?How do the communication patterns affect interpersonal communication?What events are presented in the film that describe appropriate nonverbal communication?Are there any special features to the verbal communication used by the characters?Are there any distinct social interactions that seem to be governed by specific rules?What differences do you notice between the interpersonal communication portrayed in this film and what you might find in a similar setting in your own life?Select a particular communication interaction between characters—describe the interaction, whether there was a level of self-disclosure and whether it was appropriate and effective. Was the communication between the individuals effective or could they have communicated in a different way? What is your impression of the individuals and interaction?What is your overall evaluation of the film? Favorable? Unfavorable? Would you recommend this film to others as an example of good communication

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