Functional Requirements- Could you answer this question for me?

Functional Requirements- Could you answer this question for me?Background information: Describes the functional requirements for your E-Commerce website.Your requirements should not specify any type of hardware, software applications, or telecommunications (ie. “no feeds or speeds”). It should not specify detailed user interface fields, report form fields, or other low-level information. Each requirement should include the following subsections. Mark them N/A if they do not apply (but do not leave them out).3.10. Failure Contingencies3.10.1. Detailed Description3.10.2. Associated User Types3.10.3. Data Requirements3.10.4. Timing/Performance Requirements (average)3.10.5. Accessibility Considerations3.10.6. Localization3.10.7. External Interfaces3.11. Social Network Integration3.11.1. Detailed Description3.11.2. Associated User Types3.11.3. Data Requirements3.11.4. Timing/Performance Requirements (average)3.11.5. Accessibility Considerations3.11.6. Localization3.11.7. External Interfaces3.12. Business Trend Reporting3.12.1. Detailed Description3.12.2. Associated User Types3.12.3. Data Requirements3.12.4. Timing/Performance Requirements (average)3.12.5. Accessibility Considerations3.12.6. Localization3.12.7. External Interfaces

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