Ergonomics. Scholarly Activity- Work related injury/stress analysis.

Please read and understand this assignment before agreeing to do it.  If you can not follow the instructions I will not pay.  If you can not complete it please don’t agree to do it.  I had someone that said they would do this assignment and then never did itINSTRUCTIONS Your answer to this assignment should be double paced, with one inch margins and no more than a 12 pitch font in a MS WORD DOCUMENT. The assignment requires that you use of the text (see attached file) and where required references and readings, which pertain to the topic in question.APA Guidelines CSU requires that students use the APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rulesfor formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. CSU Grading Rubric for Papers/Projects The course papers will be graded based on the CSU Grading Rubric (see below for the criteria) for all types of papers. In addition, all papers will be submitted for electronic evaluation to rule out plagiarism.  Content:The content is exceptionally clear, focused, and controlled.  Main ideas are relevant, thoughtfully elected, and strongly supported by exceptional support that are appropriate for the objectives of the assignment.Content exceeds required length.Organization: The organization enhances the central idea(s) and supports the development of the topic. The order and structure are strong and enable the reader to move through the text effortlessly. The content contains effective sequencing and transitions.Grammar & Style Conventions:The text demonstrates exceptionally strong control of Standard Written English (SWE) (e.g., punctuation, spelling, capitalization, paragraph breaks, grammar and usage) and uses them effectively to enhance communication. Errors are so few and so minor that they do not impede readability.Resources & References:The source material is properly acknowledged and cited appropriately using APA format. Source material includes an appropriate reference list that contains all of the sources that are cited within the text of the content. Content includes varying and correct quotation integration (ie: paraphrased and directly quoted material is used and cited properly). Sources used are at the appropriate academic level.ASSIGNMENT: Work Related Injury/Stress AnalysisSubmit Parts 1, 2, and 3 as one word document. Separate each part in the document with a page break.Part 1: (minimum of 200 words)Complete the knife analysis exercise on p. 223 of the textbook (link to scanned searchable pdf of associated chapters Describe the differences in the knives shown in Figure 11.8. Discuss the results of the analysis and provide reasons why it is important to have so many types of knives.Part 2: (minimum of 200 words)Analyze the effect of each measure in the Equation for heat stress in Table 12.3 on p.235 in the textbook: M-W=C+R+EDiscuss what measures would be practical to reduce heat stress, and why some measures would not be practical in the following environments:• A deep underground metal mine where the temperature is 90 degrees with 99% humidity.• An office at 90 degrees and 50% humidity.• Outdoor tennis game at 90 degrees and 50% humidity.Part 3: (minimum of 200 words)Discuss Poulton’s and Broadbent’s Theories on the effects of noise on performance.Discuss the positive and negative effects of noise on:• Repetitive assembly• Performance in problem solving APA formatCourse book: A Guide to Human Factors and ergonomics by Martin Helander, 2006 Taylor & Francis Group. LLC

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