Counseling Verbatim

CounselingVerbatim SampleStudent Counselor’s Name: AnnJones  Client’s Statements    Counselor’s Statements    Rework Counselor’s  Statements    Conceptualization, Thoughts, and Comments    Grader’s Comments    (H) What I think is that this is very hard to  do.  I think that being a good person  is almost impossible.     Why do you think it is  impossible?    You use the term good  person.  I am wondering if you could  tell me how a good person acts.    I am wondering who has  defined for him, a good person and why he doesn’t think he is one.        (H) Because I always screw up.     Always, you don’t do  anything right ever?     You seem pretty  disappointed in yourself, can you explain more about that.     I am really wondering why  he is upset and feeling hopeless.  His  face seems so sad too.         (W) He seems to be frustrated a lot of the time  and I do not know how to help, then I feel frustrated and down.     You sound pretty  frustrated.                (W) I am. I do the same things all the time.    So, what I am hearing you  say Sally that you feel frustrated often because you do not know how to help  Harry with his frustration.         Here I wanted to reflect  how this concern is impacting both of them.         (W) Yes, that is it.     So, I would like to hear a  bit from each of you about how you experience this internally and what you  would like to see happen.         I could have used the  miracle question here and asked each of them: If a miracle happened tonight  while you were asleep and this problem was gone, what would be different in  the morning…         (H) Hmmm… that is a good question, umm, I am  not entirely sure… I guess I just try not to think about it and go and watch  TV, but I would like to be able to deal with it and not frustrate her with my  reactions.                                         Practicum Part 1  and 2: Verbatim Grading Rubric     Student:    Criteria    Points Possible    Points Earned    Instructor  Comments    Organization      ·   Clearly indicated “H” for husband and “W”: for wife on  each statement (or he and she as appropriate).   ·   Formatting is maintained  ·   Name is included at the top    15            Content    ·   A meaningful 5–8 minute clip was selected  ·   Verbatim transcriptions were included, so there is no gap  in the dialogue (this includes words and muttering such as um, uh, ah… if the  clients talk over one another this is also included and labeled “cross  talk”).   ·   Revised responses for the counselor are thoughtful and  demonstrate insight.   ·   Self-awareness column/conceptualizations demonstrate  insight and authenticity.     38            Readability    ·   Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct.     7            Logistics    ·   Length is appropriate to accompany a 5–8 minute segment.  ·   Verbatim is turned in on time.     15            Total    75

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