BA420 Organizational Behavior, W3 Discussion assignment,

Instructions:BA420Organizational Behavior, Week 3 Discussion Forum: Learning Styles &ReinforcementsBurns, S. 1995 ‘Rapid changes require enhancement of adult learning’ HRMonthly June,pp 16-17Burns in HR Monthly Magazine was quoted in saying “’conceives of learning as arelatively permanent change in behavior with behavior including both observableactivity and internal processes such as thinking, attitudes and emotions.”Burns includes motivation in his definition of learning. He also considers thatlearning might not always be obvious in observable behavior until sometimeafter the education has taken place.Do you agree with Burns assessment of learning? Do you think that learning happens’some time’ after the education has taken place? Why or why not? Provide anexample.Need 150 words discussionPlagiarism freeProvide references

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