arbitration memo recomendation

most be bullet proof. Turnitin is used! One to Two pages of instructions  memo- at least one ref.APLYou are an entry-level associate at a U.S. firm. Your supervisor has explained toyou that the firm is in the process of negotiating two contracts with foreignentities for two different projects that will be performed in-country. Thefirst contract is with a small NGO located in Malaysia; the other is with anlarge, reputable organization located in the UK. The amounts involved in bothcontracts are in excess of $1 million. In negotiating the contract, the issue of arbitration has come up, and your supervisorasks you to do a quick cost-benefit analysis to see if arbitration makes sensein either or both of these contracts. Specifically, what are the costs/risks toyour firm by agreeing to arbitration, and what are the benefits? Ineither situation, the firm could agree to resolve disputes by arbitration,agree to be subjected to the laws of the other country, or aggressively arguethat disputes should be resolved here in the U.S. under U.S. law. Time is ofthe essence, however, and delaying negotiations could substantially affect yourfirm’s ability to perform the work. Drafta 1–2 page double-spaced memo outlining the factors that need to be consideredand make your recommendations as to what the firm should do.

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