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Please write at least 5 page paper on various websites that you will be critiquing. Have at least 10 websites  with their URL’s so that I can view them. This paper should be double spaced and  MLA formatted.These are following points that I expect you to address:What kind of website is this? ..edu (educational), .com (commercial), .gov (government), .mil (military), etc. Each file extension gives a message as to the content of the website.Who is the target audience? Who is this site geared to?  Does this site meet the audience’s needs?Since you never know just who is viewing your website, does it accommodate the needs of the visually challenged for example. (alt tags, title tags etc.) If in doubt just run your cursor over the page titles and pictures, does text pop up telling you what it is? Braille readers count on this design feature.What do you think about the color scheme, font style, and general layout? Is it pleasing to the eye or do you need sunglasses to view it? What would make it better in your estimation.Comment on the navigation scheme involved in these sites. What works, what doesn’t. Is it easy to use? Can a 75 year old grandmother in Dubuque, IA fire up her old mac and use this site with relatively ease?Make sure that you have a good mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly as far as websites go. Finally, does this site accomplish its intended purpose?

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